Buddy Backup


Security in BuddyBackup

BuddyBackup takes your privacy and security very seriously.

  • You have total control about where your files are backed up. You can control which buddies you want to add.
  • Your files are encrypted locally before they're backed up. This means that the files which arrive on your buddies are not readable by anyone except you.
  • Only you have access to the encryption keys
  • If someone steals your backups from a buddies computer, they won't be able to read them
  • Special checks are done at all stages of backup and recovery to protect against accidental or malicious corruption of data. In particular:
    • A buddy will not send your encrypted data to someone other than you
    • A buddy cannot maliciously send you tampered backups when you are restoring data.
    • You know the files you receive are really from your buddies, and no-one else

Read our Privacy Statement.

Technical data about encryption

For the techies out there, here is a summary of the encryption systems used by BuddyBackup:

  • AES-256 keys for file data. AES is certified by the US government for use with classified information. Separate AES keys are used for file contents and filenames.
  • RSA-2048 Public Keys for authentication - the same technology used by SSL on websites
  • SSL (TLS) encryption between client and BuddyBackup servers
  • Salsa20 stream cipher used for buddy-buddy communication (note this is in addition to the AES-256 encryption of files).

BuddyBackup's intuitive interface and ground breaking feature set make this one of the most important pieces of free software to grace our desks for a long time.

- 5 Stars