Buddy Backup

Creating a new Account

  1. The first time you run BuddyBackup you will be presented with the following screen: Screen shot of the BuddyBackup setup screen
  2. If you want to set up a new machine for the first time:

    • Click Create a new account

    Or if you want to restore your backups for a replacement machine:

  3. Click Next. You should see the following screen: Screen shot of BuddyBackup setup screen
  4. Choose a username. This can contain any letters (a-z), number (0-9) or the underscore character (_), but no spaces.
  5. Enter a password in the Choose a password box.
  6. To the right of the password box, it will show how secure this password is. If it says the password is Weak you might want to choose a more secure password (for examples see here)
  7. Retype your password in Retype password
  8. Enter your e-mail. Please ensure this e-mail is correct. If it isn't correct, the BuddyBackup team won't be able to send you important information such as password reminders. We will only use this e-mail address to send you important information (see our Privacy Policy).
  9. If you don't want your password saved on the BuddyBackup server, then un-tick Save my password on the BuddyBackup server. Not saving your password is more secure, but in that case forgetting your password means you'll not be able to restore your backups (see here for more details).
  10. Click Next. You should see the following screen: Screen shot of BuddyBackup setup screen
  11. You can optionally now choose which files you want to backup. To do this click in the little square boxes to "tick" the folders/files you want to backup. As you do this, you will be shown the size of the files you have chosen. You can always change the items chosen for backup later on (see here for more details). Click Next
  12. Click Finish

You're nearly there! All you need to do now is:

BuddyBackup's intuitive interface and ground breaking feature set make this one of the most important pieces of free software to grace our desks for a long time.

- 5 Stars