Buddy Backup

Control Panel

The BuddyBackup control panel is the main window you use when you want to change settings, or check on your backups. It is shown when you start BuddyBackup for the first time.

Opening the Control Panel

  1. Click the Windows Start button
  2. Click All Programs, BuddyBackup, BuddyBackup

Alternatively, double click on the BuddyBackup icon in the Windows Task Bar:

Screen shot of the Windows Task Bar indicating where the BuddyBackup icon is

This is usually located at the bottom right of the screen.

If you can't see the icon, then click on the small "up arrow" just to the left of the red box shown above.

Using the Control Panel

When you open the open the Control Panel you'll see the Home Page:

Screen shot of the BuddyBackup control panel

At the top is a summary of the status of your backups (A). This will tell you if any files need backing up and if so whether backups are currently being done.

The next section Files backed up shows you a summary of how many of your files are backed up (B). If you click More... then you can see more detailed information:

  • Files backed up to at least 1 buddy: How many files are backed up to at least 1 buddy
  • Files backed up to 2 buddies: How many files are backed up to 2 buddies. The number of buddies depends on how you set the Backup Safety (see here)
  • Files in need of backup: Shows you a list of the files which need backing up

Below this, is the Backup space used section (C).This shows you how much of your backup space is free. If you click More... then it shows more detailed information:

  • Shared space used: How much of the space you have allocated to your buddies remains.
  • The Increase backup/shared space link allows you to change how much backup space you want.

The Buddies panel shows you a list of the buddies and other backup locations you can back up to (D). You can click the Add Buddy link to add new buddies or other backup locations. You can right click on a buddy to manage it. Use the left and right arrows to scroll to buddies off screen.

You can click the Invite Buddies link to ask people to become Buddies so you can start backing up to each other. You can import contacts from your email account or you can add email addresses manually.

The panel below this (E) shows what activity is currently being done (e.g. backing up files). You can click the X more... link to see detailed information about other activities being run right now.

The bar at the bottom (F) shows a quick view of status information. The XX% backed up shows how much is backed up. Backup space shows how much backup space is free on your buddies. Downloads and Uploads shows how much network activity is currently being done.

BuddyBackup's intuitive interface and ground breaking feature set make this one of the most important pieces of free software to grace our desks for a long time.

- 5 Stars