Buddy Backup

Checking Status of Backups

How to Check Backups

The quickest way to check the status of your backups is to look at the BuddyBackup icon in the Windows Notification Area (sometime called the "System Tray" or "systray"). This is the area of the Windows task bar which shows icons, usually at the very bottom right hand of the screen:

Picture showing location of the BuddyBackup Taskbar icon

The BuddyBackup icon changes colour to indicate whether your files are backed up:

The small BuddyBackup logo with a red square overlaid in cornerRed means at least one file needs backup

The small BuddyBackup logo with green square overlaid in corner Green means all files are backed up

Checking backups in Windows Explorer

BuddyBackup works with Windows Explorer to show you how well files are backed up.

Windows Explorer is what you use any time you're browsing for files in Windows. For example, if you click the Windows Start button and choose Documents, what you'll see is the Windows Explorer.

BuddyBackup adds icons to your files to show how well they're backed up. These icons are only added to items chosen for backup. For example, here is how this appears in Windows 7:

Screenshot of a Windows Explorer window showing documents with colour coded icons on the files

The icons are colour coded:

Small icon of a red squareThe file/folder is not backed up yet

Small icon of a green squareThe file/folder is backed up to at least 1 buddy

Small icon of a green square with a plus insideThe file/folder is backed up to 2 (or more) buddies

Note that the meaning of the "green-plus" icon (Small icon of a green square with a plus inside) changes when you alter the Backup Safety setting. For example, if you change this so that 3 backup copies are made, then this icon will be shown when 3 copies of the file are backed up.

BuddyBackup's intuitive interface and ground breaking feature set make this one of the most important pieces of free software to grace our desks for a long time.

- 5 Stars