How BuddyBackup Works

How BuddyBackup Backs Up Your Data

BuddyBackup lets you back up your files to your friends, family and colleagues' computers for free.

This means you get safe and secure online and "off-site" backups of your data without having to pay a third party company.

The following diagram illustrates how BuddyBackup works: Diagram showing how BuddyBackup works

Saving Your Files

 Your files are constantly monitored for changes (see 1). When BuddyBackup sees a changed file, it takes a snapshot of it (see 2).


The next step is that your files are encrypted (made secret) (see 4). This is done before sending on the internet which means that no else can read your files, not even your friends.

Backing Up

BuddyBackup sends the updated files to your buddies (see 5) over the internet. Only changes within your files are sent.

BuddyBackup uses advanced technology to ensure you can connect even if your buddies are behind a firewall.

If no buddy is online, BuddyBackup will keep track of the changes and back them up later.

BuddyBackup uses your internet connection smartly by only using a trickle of your bandwidth when you're using your computer. This means you can continue to work while BuddyBackup is backing up your files.

BuddyBackup doesn't use scheduled times to do the backup - your files are backed up the moment they change meaning you'll never lose a moments work in the event of disaster.

After You've Backed Up

Your backups will continue to sit safely on your friends' computers.

BuddyBackup regularly checks that your buddies still have your backups. If it discovers a problem, it will automatically backup your files to a different friend instead. This means you're safe even if a buddy uninstalls BuddyBackup or has a computer failure.

You can also setup BuddyBackup to keep multiple backup copies of your files so you're extra safe. By default, 2 copies of your files are kept, spread among your buddies.

Restoring your files

 If you have a disaster, you can easily recover your files by running BuddyBackup from your new computer.