Buddy Backup

Why Choose BuddyBackup?

Free Online Backups

BuddyBackup gives you unlimited online backups of your files for free, by allowing you to easily and securely backup your data onto your buddies.

Online backups (also known as "off-site" backups) are really important because it means that your files are secure even if you have a disaster such as fire, flood or theft. This is preferable to, say, just using a USB drive which might be sitting next to your PC when disaster strikes.

Effortless and Instant

BuddyBackup takes the effort out of backups. You only need a couple of clicks to setup and then it will silently run in the background backing up your files and there are no backup schedules to set up.

 BuddyBackup also continuously backs up your files the moment they change. This means that you have up-to-the-second protection.

BuddyBackup intelligently uses your bandwidth, only using a trickle when you are using your computer. It also only backs up the changes to your files. For example, if you add a couple of paragraphs to a large Microsoft Word document, only those new paragraphs are sent. So, you won't notice any difference when it's running.


Your security and privacy are assured: no-one else can read your files, not even your buddies. Read more about security.


  • Free Online Backup: Create online and off-site backups of your data for free.

  • Continuous Backup: no schedules to maintain. BuddyBackup will just backup as soon as files change.

  • Historical Backups: BuddyBackup keeps historical versions of your files. This means that you can go back to an older version at any time. This is really useful if you accidentally overwrite or delete a file.

  • Local backups: BuddyBackup can keep an extra backup of your files stored locally on your machine. This means you can restore files instantly without having to download from your buddies. Again, this is useful if you just overwrote or deleted a file by mistake.

  • Backup to USB drives and other locations: You can also backup a USB drive to add an extra level of protection. You can also backup securely to locations such as SAN and NAS.

  • Byte level incremental backup: Only the byte-level changes of your files are transferred over the internet when your file changes. This means that your bandwidth and storage costs are minimised.

  • Multiple backup copies: You can choose how many total backup copies to keep. This means you get extra redundancy in the event of failure, for your extra important documents.

  • Privacy assured: BuddyBackup maintains the highest standards of encryption and privacy. Simply put, only you have access to your files. Not even the buddies storing your files can read them. Read more about security.

  • Advanced Peer-Peer technology: BuddyBackup is able to connect to buddies even behind firewalls and routers.

BuddyBackup's intuitive interface and ground breaking feature set make this one of the most important pieces of free software to grace our desks for a long time.

- 5 Stars